Recording from £50

16 channels recording with both a live room and a separate control room.

Mixing from £50

Stereo capabilities are available.


Mastering from £50

Your music will be prepared for distribution, both uncompressed and as MP3.

Production from £60

Composition, arrangement, and orchestration.

is a group of creatives who understand that impeccable sound quality is everything when bringing music to life; from musician to microphone to mix to master. To make quality music, we know you need a wonderful environment and professional equipment at your fingertips.

We provide everything you need to enjoy a comfortable, productive and safe recording experience. Your creative expression is paramount and we will capture, polish and enhance your sound to a level expected of a top London recording studio, for an affordable price.



My life has always been defined by music. When I couldn’t express something in words, music was always my answer. It is the only pure art that paints through sounds, which creates a wide range of colors.


I am a creative, enthusiastic and diligent sound engineer and music producer with 8 years of producing, song writing, recording, tour managing and many more. I learnt the guitar from a very young age, and was a member of a very successful band called Homebound for 5 years.



I’ve had a lovely time recording my song with Andrei. He brings the best out of songs. It was a pleasure to work together. Hope to see u soon.


Globiversal Studio is just a right place to record absolutely everything you want. You will love the result, I promise. It’s a hard work but it’s the only way to get the best sound possible. I would highly recommend this studio.


hi, Chris just a quick message to say thank you for the help with my vocal, I really appreciate it. I’m definitely gonna be back soon. Wish u luck.