About Us

We are the brainchild of musicians

Globiversal is a group of creatives who understand that impeccable sound quality is everything when bringing music to life; from musician to microphone to mix to master. To make quality music, we know you need a wonderful environment and professional equipment at your fingertips. We provide everything you need to enjoy a comfortable, productive and safe recording experience. Your creative expression is paramount and we will capture, polish and enhance your sound to a level expected of a top London recording studio, for an affordable price.

Our Mission

To satisfy your recording and musical needs using all available resources and to bring to life the talents of local artists and musicians.

Our Vision

To go beyond standard remit of a sound recording studio and to become a creative hub where artists, bands, songwriters, musicians and producers can realise their sonic potential.

Core Values

  • The artist is at the center of the process
  • The past inspires invention and innovation
  • Experimentation requires artistic rigor
  • Collaboration activates growth

Want to Record Your Own Hit?

We are a full service studio featuring the latest technology for our all your projects.

(+44) 07591829918 or (+44) 07874879352

Our Team

At Globiversal we believe that the calibre of your engineers and producersis just as important as the quality of our recording equipment

Andrei A Tiba

Director / Producer

My life has always been defined by music. When I couldn’t express something in words, music was always my answer. It is the only pure art that paints through sounds, which creates a wide range of colors. I have always been fascinated by music that is very descriptive and expresses certain feelings. Films are possibly the greatest combination of all known art forms and serve as my primary canvas of expression. Video games, amazingly enough, have proven to be another arena where music can truly be effective. Specialties: pianist, composer, orchestration, scores for movies and games, recording and production.

Roger Muntzer

Sound Designer / Sound Engineer

Roger is a sound engineer, producer and musician from London. Coming from a musical background, he has over ten years’ experience live sound engineering, designing audio hardware, composing and performing live with his alternative rock band Little Grim. He has recorded and produced a wide variety of genres (including punk, blues, drum and bass, electronica, ambient, brass, soundtrack, etc.) and he is also a session drummer.