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Globiversal is a group of creatives who understand that impeccable sound quality is everything when bringing music to life; from musician to microphone to mix to master. To make quality music, we know you need a wonderful environment and professional equipment at your fingertips. We provide everything you need to enjoy a comfortable, productive and safe recording experience. Your creative expression is paramount and we will capture, polish and enhance your sound to a level expected of a top London recording studio, for an affordable price.

Andrei A. Tiba

My life has always been defined by music. When I couldn’t express something in words, music was always my answer. It is the only pure art that paints through sounds, which creates a wide range of colors.
I have always been fascinated by music that is very descriptive and expresses certain feelings. Films are possibly the greatest combination of all known art forms and serve as my primary canvas of expression. Video games, amazingly enough, have proven to be another field where music can truly be effective.
The experience achieved from working for professional recording and production studios made me realize how important it is to share ideas, listen to each other and have initiative. As an assistant and co-producer I contributed with new ideas that consist in vocal effects, mixing, arranging and structure.

Good communication can be seen with two different views. As a musician I travelled around the world to expand my knowledge, collaborate with people, create valuable relations and help people. A different point of view for good communication is to talk with your collaborators to find mutual interests and create ideas and plans to reach your goal.
For a long time I wanted to have my own studio, so nothing stood in my way to study everything I needed and I used the knowledge I had acquired in practice whenever I had the opportunity. Thus, I gained experience in music software such as Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Reason and Pro Tools and I work very well in the Finale, Sibelius, Cubase score programs.
Practical knowledge of microphone placement and recording techniques is of real use to me in the studio, because I am very picky about live sound. I performed piano and solo concerts for years and I know what sound quality means . That is why the equipment chosen from the live room and control room are of the highest quality.


2008-2012 Graduated College of Arts ‘’Ion Vidu’’ Timisoara (Pianist Certificate)
2012-2014 BA in Classical Music Composition- Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance
2014-2015 Film scoring studies and touring in the US
2015-2017 Continued studies and graduated at Leeds College of Music- BA in Music Composition and Production
2017-2019 Master’s Degree in Advanced Music Technology at London College of Music (University of West London)

Specialties: pianist, composer, orchestration, scores for movies and games, recording and production.

Roger Muntzer

Roger is a sound engineer, producer and musician from London. Coming from a musical background, he has over ten years’ experience live sound engineering, designing audio hardware, composing and performing live with his alternative rock band Little Grim. He has recorded and produced a wide variety of genres (including punk, blues, drum and bass, electronica, ambient, brass, soundtrack, etc.) and he is also a session drummer.

His music has been featured on the BBC and Netflix, as well as having featured on an indie video game and a household name corporate video. He has also collaborated with Peer Music Publishing, Tailored Entertainment and Scruff of the Neck Records as a composer and performer.


“There’s nothing I like more than making music with vibe, using analogue gear to add a unique depth and colour to a track. I have a passion for experimental music making as I think that using unconventional sounds, effects and techniques is such a great way to make impactful, resonant music”.


2012-2014 BA in Music (1st Class Honours) – the Academy of Contemporary Music
2015-2017 Music Production and Performance with Little Grim
2017-2019 Master’s Degree in Advanced Music Technology (Distinction) – London College of Music
2020-2021 Effects Processing Design and Prototyping, Software Development and Web Design
Specialties: Music Production and Recording, Drumming, Composition, Audio Technology, Electronic Circuit Design and Development and Effects Processing Design

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