Our Prices Plans

We offer the best recording studio rates for true world-classmusic production you will find anywhere

£35 / hour
  • Large acoustic live room
  • Control room
  • High performance technical equipment
  • DAWS
£60 / hour
  • Imac 2020 64GB
  • Keyboard
  • DAWS
  • Sound library
  • Prophet Rev2
£35 / hour
  • Equipped training room
  • Study materials
  • Software: LogicProX; ProTools, Sybelius
  • Piano, Drum

Why Mix In Globiversal?

We take pride in our hard work and dedication to give all projects thehigh-quality treatment of a professional studio


Because here you will find always a valuable contribution in the selection of the sound of your project


Because there is an opinion on your work and solutions to make it more competitive in the industry


Because there is a reference which then not be able to do without it